Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bucket List #13: Summer Camp #1

The best part about all summer camps this year is that Talinn absolutely loved them. He couldn't wait to attend, made friends everywhere, and complained after each that one week was too short and I should have enrolled him for longer.
Now this could be taken to mean that he was dipping into the proverbial "I'm bored" jar at home a bit too often, but that's really not true. Or I like to think that despite all the fun at home, the camps we picked were stimulating and exciting enough for him to want more.
What a difference a whole year makes! It took Talinn  two days just to warm up last year and settle down in his drama camp of five days. This year was a whole another story where he was ready to run into a new school, meet new teachers, and make new friends without one glance back at mom.This first camp was a drama camp, different from the one he went to last year. I wouldn't do it ever again, that's how underwhelmed I was but Talinn swears he had the best time ever!

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