Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Napa with Zubin

Visit from a best friend can only get better when it's a total last minute surprise. Zubin flew down from the island nation of Hawaii :-) at the beginning of May, just in time for my birthday.
We celebrated with our favorite trip to the wine country. The spring weather was just brilliant for a whole day of cavorting in the vineyards and picnicking with our favorite people in Napa. Talinn had a grand time hanging out with us and was a quite the trooper as always.
The boys had a visibly good time at the picnic grounds at V.Sattui. It was hard to drag our wine laden selves to Castello d'Amarosa after this but I was sure Talinn would be awestruck by a visit to a castle.
The castle was a huge hit and Talinn had the grandest time exploring the grounds and all its stately artifacts.
Annu maasi told us about this awesome movie Bottle Shock that had been filmed at Chateau Montelena. We went looking for the winery and it took our breath away. The grounds are so gorgeous. I don't believe there's a single winery in Napa that disappoints; so blessed to have this gorgeous region right in our backyard. Turns out that Nana had already seen the movie. Late that night, he watched it a second time over while the rest of us, who badly wanted to watch it, snoozed on the couch after a wine saturated day in the sun.
On our way out of Chateau Montelena, we passed by a sign advertising the Old Faithful geyser that made us veer off for one last adventure for the day. This natural geyser, stewing with geo-thermal pressures, spouts scalding hot water at regular intervals. We had a goofy time here while enjoying yummy ice cream on a yummy day!

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