Sunday, June 3, 2012

Five and Fiesty

Talinn .n. proper. An irreverent little ham who is as endearingly cute as he is wildly aggravating. Creative flamboyant firecracker brimming with ideas and stories and costumes. Quick with his tongue, loud with his voice, rambunctious with his laughter, dramatic with his tears.  Rebelliously independent yet conformingly clingy. Precocious as an adult yet innocent as a baby. Life is his way all the way.
Sums up our half-a-decade old little darling. Happy happy happy happy happy birthday to you my love!!! May you live healthy, happy, and long! This morning was the culmination of a spectacular weekend soaked in love, attention... and presents. But first the mandatory balloon from Mommy and Nana - and a special photobook - and money from Ammamma. 
Chandini akka's presence was the sweetest icing on his cake. They snuggled, played, and watched movies. What could be better? Later they both went shopping for a birthday present, without mom (=zero interference+unwanted advice) and returned home with a princess costume and tiara. Yes, the boy has grown up. He knows what to get when mom's not looking. He also asked me for the gift cards he had received and the money Ammamma had given him that morning, so he could go shopping with a full wallet. Looks like I need to do more growing up to adjust to his growing up.
Earlier, we went to the city Arts and Wine festival and summer carnival where the whole family enjoyed some old fashioned summer fun - especially the cousins. As tradition goes, Pedi, Hari V, and Anoushka pie came over to celebrate and cut cake with us that evening. We indulged in Talinn's favorite food - crepes! followed by a not-so-spectacular mango cake experiment. No worries though when there are spectacular mud-cakes to savor, courtesy birthday boy and best friend Anoushka pie.
A few days ago, Chandini akka asked Talinn what his wish would be if he found a magic lamp with a genie. Without a second's thought, he said "I wish that I love my family forever!". Then just yesterday he says, "Mommy, my heart beats because it's filled with my family." What more can I ask from a five year old? May you always love...and love a lot. And thank you, as always, for belonging to us. Happy Birthday.

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