Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cowboy Tap Dance Performance

So a lot went down in our lives before this tap dance show but we can't seem to locate any pictures to prove it. Ammamma came back! Her ride was eventful this time with a missed flight and temporarily lost baggage. But who cares, we're all collectively thrilled that she's back. Most of all Talinn.

More luck. Chandini akka arrived to spend the summer with us while she interns at a local biotech lab. Talinn was beside himself with joy. He chewed her brains non-stop with stories and songs and even taught her his entire tap routine. They were seen practicing together in the garage right before the show. "Who else is arriving this summer?" asked Talinn with high anticipation, hoping to recreate last year's family extravaganza. 
The show this year was themed around different countries of the world. Talinn's group represented home country America with a cowboy hoe down. All the kids were darling in their costumes and performances. The energy was so high and it was a great time as always. Later Chandini akka and Talinn decided to indulge in a Judy Moody pre-summer movie to celebrate the impending summer and to kick off the big boy birthday weekend.

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