Monday, March 5, 2012

Lawrence Hall of Science at Berkeley

We just got through a week of winter break with Talinn and it was fabulous - for Talinn at least. Not so shabby for us either given that the weather was so spectacular. One afternoon, the family paid a visit to the science museum in Berkeley.
I love the location of this museum overlooking the picturesque San Francisco bay with views sweeping out to the city skyline and the golden gate bridge. There are many outdoor play areas where parents can watch their kids at play while soaking in the views.The museum is full of hands on activities that keep visitors of all ages happily occupied.The entire family got to jog their brains that afternoon :-)The hands down favorites were the creative corners - the puppet theater and a crafting area filled with scraps that can be converted to art pieces and displayed at the museum. Talinn and I spent a long time creating "stuff" here.Ever wondered what it feels like to be a bird? Don a pair of wings and check out for yourself like Nana and Talinn did that afternoon. They were flap happy but those wings are not light!
The outdoor play areas are a hit not only for their lovely setting but for the fun ways they teach concepts, such as building shifting dams that instantly control the ebb and flow of water.Not a shabby way to spend a winter afternoon out of school. And there's more to come...


Lauren Frieband said...


I love the pictures you took of Talinn at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Your family seemed to really have a great time exploring and doing science.

I actually work at the Hall, and was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to share a couple of the photos with us. We're building a new webpage for the exhibit with the fun mirrors, and the ones you took are great!

Please contact me if you are interested in sharing them with us. My email is


Lauren Frieband
Marketing Specialist
The Lawrence Hall of Science

Lauren Frieband said...
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