Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coyote Point Museum

On another gorgeous afternoon during winter break, Talinn and I went to the Coyote Point museum and the Magic Kingdom play area.Talinn loves the super long slide at this playground. He must have done a few dozen rounds of it that afternoon.Later we headed to the museum to scout for some of our favorite animals.But first a pit stop at the indoor activities area.Talinn spotted many animals that day. The bob cat was strolling around, the turtles were sunning themselves, the coyote was napping in the sun, the badger was snoozing indoors, and the snakes were just showing off their beautiful skin.Home made pizzas were on the menu after we came home. Talinn did an excellent dough of rolling out his own pizza and topping it off with his favorite stuff. Very good and yummy!

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