Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's Up this Feb?

Very little rain - or snow - for one. No one's complaining here. It's Valentine's month. All the effort Talinn put into labeling 20 boxes of sweet tarts and making cards for each of his school friends ended in an anti-climax. The school banned kids from sticking any candy or cards in each others' cubbies. I thought Talinn would bawl when he heard the tragic news, instead the kid just grinned and said "that means all the 20 boxes of candy are mine?"At home, he had a great V-day - baking a cake with mom and enjoying all his presents.Last weekend we celebrated Mahashivaratri with a visit to the temple. The decorations were gorgeous and Talinn even got a chance to shower the shiva lingam with milk. We heard the rudram for a few hours and Talinn was pretty stoked to see the lingam being showered with so much milk and other goodies. He called it a long long shower.
And some pretty rainbows came to visit and brought lots of joy!!!

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