Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 - 2012 Journey of Love

2011 was a year of LOVE. We received so much love from Talinn this year - loud and vocal - "you're the best mamma ever!", "you're my best friend forever", "I love you the mostest in this world", "I love spending time with you the most", "you're always going to be in my heart", "best friend Ammamma"... and countless expressions to a similar tune. All accompanied with the tightest hugs and countless kisses. It's as if he's returning all the love we showered on him as a baby, with interest. We'll take all this and more because I hear that this public display will not last forever.Talinn's amorous expressions were not contained within the family. He found love in Anoushka pie and followed it up with a quick marriage proposal. He collected a slew of admirers at school out of whom he finally chose little Minou to be his future "wife". His love dramas have occupied a significant part of his school life.Of course this was year of the family. Talinn shared so much love with his ammamma and nainamma and all our family. It was a truly special summer with many indelible memories. Drama took center stage as Talinn immersed himself in costumes, set designs, and direction. He also attended his first drama camp last summer. This is the year he began music lessons, as well as soccer and karate, and performed tap dance on stage.How big he's become! - with girl friends at school, ability to express opinions, process thoughts, analyze situations, understand different languages we speak, and think independently for himself. Sometimes we forget that he's big enough to completely tune into our conversations, until he shocks us with his reactions and unsolicited inputs. And he's always watching. When we do things unthinkingly - he's there absorbing - ready to reproduce or tell on us when we least expect it. This is when we realize he's no longer a baby in the background but a participating, almost-adult-like individual in the household.Yet at other times, he's really our little baby - pure, innocent, loving, emotional, naughty, free from negative ideas and ill thoughts of any kind. He cares deeply, expresses loudly, loves passionately, and shares generously from the heart. True he's a brat - it's his way or no way at all - but I hope he will learn with time. I love that he has very few needs but he also does not value what he has enough. Tall orders for a little kid I suppose.Talinn will start Kindergarten this year. We have lots of reading, math, and homework to look forward to with a double whammy in French and English. Hopefully he will be as lucky as always to spend lots of time with family and forge many new bonds and learn many new skills. Happy 2012!!! It's a leap year with an extra day to love! So love away because nothing else matters - and travel travel travel!
P.S. All pictures in this blog post have been taken by Talinn (including the self portraits). Much like discovering a hidden journal, I found these pictures in a kids digital camera that he got for his 4th birthday. I've seen him click away without ever paying much attention to what he was capturing - until now. What can be a better expression of his love for all of you!

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