Friday, December 23, 2011

Holidays in New York

There's no place like NYC for the holidays. It's not very far from stepping into a romantic Hollywood movie - ice skating rinks, gorgeously decorated trees, chestnuts roasting on the streets, trendy scarves and gloves, and a million people floating about enjoying the spirit of the season. It's just magical!My favorite places to visit at this time of year are the lovely Christmas markets filled with eclectic trinkets. I recognized many of the vendors from last year like the puppet guy from whom Talinn got another puppet this year - a mermaid. Despite the joy of the markets, it was freezing cold and a couple of hours later everyone was too cranky to walk. So we made a beeline for chocolate at the nearby Chocolate by the Bald Man which was too packed to even stand. So we got the most divine waffles and crepes, drowning in chocolate, to enjoy in the crisp outdoors. Anything is tolerable with chocolat, n'est-ce pas?Apsara peri decided that was the end of all our walking and gave us a driving tour of the decorations. Talinn was way too wonder struck and kept up an endless chant of "wow" - there was a new surprise for him at every corner! The horse drawn carriages straight out of a Cinderella story, the cops on horseback, Christmas trees everywhere, and the stunning Times Square. Talinn was dazzled by it all. Nana promised to show him the Lion King theater in the vicinity and Apsara peri drove around so could catch a glimpse of the poster. Talinn later claimed that Times Square was his very favorite part of NY.Decorations everywhere you turn, so many that Talinn remarked that this was way better than Foster City - I concur. We stopped to gaze at the tree at Rockefeller center and the ice skating rink. This is where Mickey Mouse appeared out of thin air. Talinn ran to hug him entirely out of instinct and it was all magical until Mickey stuck his bag out for cash. Nana thinks that shattered the fairy tale but this is no Disneyland. We also met and filled Santa and Elmo's charity bags in exchange for photos and hugs.The cherry on our holiday decoration sightseeing sundae were the spectacular show windows of different stores. Each told an elaborate tale with a special message for the holidays, revolving around themes of belief, hope, love and kindness. Talinn did not want this fairy tale journey to ever end, as we walked from store to store, story to story. NY is a magical place for kids at all times of the year, but there's just a special sprinkling of fairy dust in the air during the holidays! So lucky we got to stand under it! Thank you peris!

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