Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Soccer Season Kick-Off

Talinn's first ever association with a sport - Nana's favorite soccer - kicked off in September when he joined the AYSO U5 division. His team is called the Foster City Sharks and watch out - they're out to make a killing on the field!That morning, the gigantic soccer field was radiating with energy and bursting with countless teams of every age group. All teams lined up with their banners for the grand march around the field while parents cheered. It felt like the opening ceremony of a championship - I so loved the whole vibe.We ran into our neighbors who were representing other divisions. Now before we get carried away I need to state that banjara baby is no sports prodigy. The weeks that ensued were not without struggles and uber dramatics in the family. But I will give Talinn kudos for his no-quit attitude. Despite all his trepidations and lack of confidence on the field, he never wanted to stop playing. And super super thank you to super dad Nanu for twelve persevering weeks of Saturday morning adventures.

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