Friday, July 1, 2011

Endless Summer Fun

Ah those languorous long warm summer afternoons. How did we spend them?
Sprinkler Soaks
Great memories of this day pictured above when Nanu and Muthu chacha spent hours diagnosing and fixing multiple holes in the inflatable tub with duct tape. Much like fixing tire punctures in India, with many many laughs thrown into the whole comical process.
Buried in Books...and ScrabbleWhile the grandmoms raced through one romance novel after another, the cousins (Muthu chacha and Nanu) endlessly embarked on one Scrabble competition after another. I got through many many books as well after a long time but most of all, I just savored our time together, laughing, chatting, and sometimes even relaxing quietly but together.
Dining AlfrescoHarvesting Backyard OfferingsI'm so happy we got time to enjoy each other after the craziness of the sightseeing trips. Muthu chacha called it his favorite "sack out" time and I have to admit that I agree with him :-)

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