Monday, July 25, 2011

Endless Summer Sleepovers

This summer, Anoushka pie told pedi that she wanted endless sleepovers and endless play dates. Talinn was definitely at the receiving end of this beneficial deal since Anoushka pie came over for many many sleepovers and play dates.Even though we tried to convince him to reciprocate the favor, Talinn was not quite ready to go over for a sleepover yet. The highlight of their nights together were the endless whispering, giggling, and scary games the two played long long after the lights were turned out. They were unstoppable playing dress up all day, reading, snacking, painting, crafting and just playing their hearts out - and barely ever fighting. And in all this frenzy, Talinn was very expressive about his love for A - vocalizing a marriage proposal, propositioning her for a kiss and plain ignoring the fact that she is currently in love with someone else and also concerned about him being younger than her. All in good time thinks T - when we grow as old as mommy and nanu we can kiss and marry each other. It's a one-sided love story but who cares - it's still a dream summer!
Nathan anna too came over for his share of summer sleepovers. Time for more goofing off, cartoon watching, and night time charades with stuffed toys and sleeping bags. The brothers always have a grand time together.
Everyone was at their relaxed best this summer, thanks to the absence of schedules. No school, no drop-offs, no camps, no curfews, no bed time. The days were so sweet and lazy for everyone including our backyardigan squirrel friend here!

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