Thursday, July 7, 2011

Candle Making with Anoushka

This summer, the grandmothers, Anoushka and Talinn went to a studio in Petaluma for a candle-making session.First the kids got to first pick mini wax blocks in various pretty colors and shapes. Then, they chose the shape of candle they wanted to make and started packing the wax blocks tightly into the tin mold of that shape. Anoushka pie and Talinn both chose rectangular blocks.Next, they got to smell many different fragrances and pick one for their candles. Talinn picked peppermint and Anoushka picked mango. The essence was poured into the candle molds along with melted paraffin wax that coated any empty spaces between the stacked wax blocks. And the candles were set to dry.
While we were waiting, the kids got to choose other crafts to make. They both chose a clay craft where they were free to mold or cut or shape a block of clay as they pleased. Then they colored their creations. Anoushka made a face and a heart while Talinn modeled a "girl" (who later lost her braids and became a man) and a sun.Then they also chose two wooden shapes to paint. They both picked butterflies.
The kids evidently had a great time, as did the adults watching them. The bonus is that they got to go home with so many handmade goodies. The candles turned out lovely. Talinn's proudly decorated his bedside table with his and we've proudly framed his clay art.

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