Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yosemite National Park: Happy B'day Pedi

No I haven't abandoned the blog. Life is as usual too crammed to find time to journal about it. In May, we spent the Mother's day weekend in Yosemite celebrating Pammi pedi's birthday. Pedi is short for pedamma or big mommy to Talinn. She's more than a sister to me and a very dear aunt to Talinn. I'm thrilled that we had such a perfect celebration for her in one of our most favorite locations.Yosemite was bursting out of its seams with life! Waterfalls rampantly hurtling off cliffs and pregnant rivers dashing recklessly through the valley. Along the way, there were still traces of late snow but in the valley spring was undoubtedly throwing the biggest bash.
Our gorgeous cabin in the woods - perfect fantasy playground for the kidsHike to Bridalveil FallsIdyllic Picnic in the MeadowsHappy Happy Birthday Pums!Face to Face with a Coyote!!!
What a memorable trip. We'll never forget the dumb charade laughs, yummy food, and wonderful elebrations. This is the way all special occasions must be celebrated. In the company of your most favorite people in the world's best locations!

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