Thursday, June 30, 2011

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

What summer vacation can be complete without a trip to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. We indulged in the traditional carnival atmosphere by the ocean one Thursday afternoon with Muthu chacha, Naresh mama, chinna attha and Nathan anna.Did I ever mention that Talinn's summer vacation put me in full summer holiday mood this year? It's always been my most favorite time of year but this year especially with so much family around, I confess that my mind was far far away from work. And so I squeezed in many such week day activities with Talinn just because :-)The plan to soak in some beach time with the kids but we never got around to it. We got waylaid by rides and the unlimited wristbands ensured that we never left the boardwalk till 11pm or something. Life is so liberating when kids have no school, no schedule, no reason to get into bed early, sigh!There's not a ride the kids missed. The adults got their fair share as well. Lots of junk food and treats later, we headed out of the park late at night craving hot Indian food which I'm proud to say we made happen. The hot dal with fresh naans could not have tasted better, sleeping kids on laps notwithstanding.

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