Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Amana Colonies, Cedar Rapids

The day after we arrived in Cedar Rapids, the family procession of fifteen paid a visit to Amana colonies. A family favorite destination, these German villages date back to the 1700s and continue today on the Iowa prairies. Although we didn't see any folk dressed in traditional garb this time, we savored their goods and age old traditions of hand crafting. Right from the bakeries that bake without electric ovens to needlecrafts, artisan chocolates, wines, popcorn to antique implements - there was something of interest for everyone. The visit was topped off with a tailgate picnic of our own, right from the trunk of our van, complete with pulihora, chips, pickles and yogurt accompanied with local Amish bread and cheese topped off with a flask of garam Indian chai. Yum!!!

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