Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome Back Ammamma!

Ammamma is back home! In what was a much awaited event in our house, Ammamma's arrival from India was totally celebrated. Talinn stayed home from school to go receive her at the airport with flowers. At home, he first thoughtfully decorated his table with her picture. Later, he was thrilled to meet her at the airport. Although a large chunk of his memories of her may have faded, reuniting with her are bringing them all slowly back or so he claims.As I look through the photos, I realize that we've taken too few pictures of them together since her arrival. But they've been terribly busy. Talinn put his Ammamma to work immediately, offering her many starring roles in his productions - which means she now has to dress up and learn how to sing and dance. And she lovingly obliges. Since her hair is red, he has decided that the role of Ariel the mermaid fits her to perfection. Or else she's his favorite patient and while he's doctoring her around.Talinn has told his grandma that he loves her. It wasn't an empty statement, he thought about it carefully before confessing his adoration for her. As expected, she's on her toes, running behind him, feeding him, helping him dress, and dealing ever ever so patiently with his moods. For Talinn, it's been an adjustment process. School is no longer appealing when he thinks he can stay home with his Ammamma. When I told him she goes to work as well, he promptly quipped "I don't know that any grandmothers go to work." I wonder how we're going to convince him to go back to school after the grand family fun during these summer holidays. But for now, grandmothers rule!

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