Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tap Dance Performance

In what was a truly exciting Friday for more reasons than one, Talinn's tap performance ranked pretty high. Getting a bunch of toddlers to perform on stage in front of a significant audience is no small feat. Biggest kudos to teacher Amy for putting up such a vibrant and joyful show. All kids were so radiant and happy throughout!With emotionally unpredictable toddlers, moms can do little but pray that tantrum monsters, unhappy goblins, and wily tears will leave their angels alone. After picking up Talinn from school, we made extra certain that nothing upset him, made sure the right balance of snacks would keep him happy, and got him into costume praying that he wouldn't ruin his clothes before the show. Time to take a deep breath and hope for the best now :-) Oh the stress of a toddler performing for the first time! Check out dance video 1 and dance video 2 on You Tube since I couldn't get them to upload on blogger. Talinn, being the only boy in his group, got to perform the twice!

All went magically well. The energy was palpable. All kids were so perfect in their costumes. Their happiness was infectious. The show was perfectly orchestrated, smooth and went off without a single glitch.
May 6, 2011
Audobon School

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pg said...

OMG - that's simple adorable. Talinn looks so cute, love it.