Friday, April 22, 2011

Jelly Belly Factory

One of the highlights of Talinn's Spring Break was a trip to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield with friends Yash and Amay. Who doesn't like jelly beans? Talinn was even more stoked to visit the factory because Curious George visits a chocolate factory in one of T's favorite books.Three car seats were happily squished into the back seat of our good old Xterra. Mona and I had the fun job of entertaining three loud and demanding boys on on our 90 min ride there.The boys were thrilled to finally get there and see all the fun decorations. The promise of candy visibly cheered them up - enough to wait around patiently for over an hour before our tour began.The tour was a big hit. Talinn's favorite part of course was receiving different flavors of jelly beans to taste along the way. The boys were also thoroughly fascinated by the workings of the factory, the automated machines, conveyor belts, and the endless stacks of jelly beans in every color imaginable laid out to dry. No pictures are allowed, so we can't show you what we saw.
Official Jelly Bean Flavors
Would You Try the Flavors on the Right?
I told Talinn that he had to memorize the candy making process to explain to his Nana. When he returned home, even I was surprised by how much he had observed and understood. It was a surprisingly fun outing because the kids really got into it. To top it all, they were rewarded with a bag each of jelly beans at the end of the tour. What a sweet sweet day!

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