Friday, February 25, 2011


It's been a very wet winter this year. Endless rain and gray days. The rain boots got a lot of use. And we had to get very creative indoors to keep the little imp out of trouble.In February, Talinn was very busy crafting, cutting, and drawing out Valentine's day cards for all his beloved people. He's big into his scissors, so lots of hearts were cut out of every bit of paper he could lay his hands on. He also got into Perler beads, crafting all sorts of shapes and animals from his imagination. I had lots of ironing tasks laid out for me.And here's how we get some more outside-the-house indoor exercise - by allowing Talinn to play our personal shopping assistant at the grocery store. Watch how he plays his part with total pride. Thanks to Trader Joe's for the perfect size shopping carts.One of our favorite family pastimes is watching plays. We saw a wonderful production at the Palo Alto Children's theater of Ferdinand the Bull. It's one of Talinn's favorite stories and the adaptation was so creative that we all loved it very much. Talinn is obsessed about set designs these days. He can be found rearranging furniture and setting up props for plays all around the house. Clean up? No way. Guess whose job that is!On the odd sunny days, Talinn indulges in role play games with Nana - his favorite partner. Check out the chefs running a restaurant, cooking, designing menus, and taking orders. You're welcome any time.

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