Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sleepover Galore

When Nathan anna, Anoushka, and Talinn met during Nana's birthday party, they hatched a plan to sleepover at Talinn's the following weekend. The plan was prompted by Chinna atta's impending graduation dinner (way to go Chinna atta!). And so the plan was sealed. The kids are already old enough for sleepovers. Sigh!I picked up Nathan anna early on the Saturday of the sleepover and we all headed into Chinatown (more on that later). Later the boys waited impatiently for Anoushka to arrive. This was Anoushka's first ever sleep over! Truly special for us since our dates and friendship with Anoushka go back to way before Talinn was born. So she's not just his friend :-)And thus began many hours of endless play and unstoppable fun. Do not be horrified at the hurricane-like disastrous state of the garage. It's a natural consequence when a bunch of kids team up.The general theme of play that weekend was travel - perhaps influenced by each of their winter travels to Central America. They were constantly dragging their suitcases around. Then Nana conjured up a hit new game where they were passengers on an airplane as seen above - served by cabin crew (me) and flown by the pilot (Nana) to their destination of choice. They also tried their hand at piloting using walkie talkies.After several hours of play, it was time to calm down with a movie, popcorn and chocolate milk. How to Train a Dragon was a scary pick for everyone except Talinn, so we didn't quite make it to the end.The kids opted to snuggle in bed instead with a pile of books. No adults required because both Nathan anna and Anoushka can read. Since she does it so well, Anoushka was the designated reader while the boys lay back and relaxed.I cherish these special moments - watching my favorite kids do mundane things together - chatting while brushing, comparing notes on toothbrushes and toothpastes, poring over a book together, discussing important stuff. Where did time go? When did each of these little babbling babies (flashback! check out the three of them from a couple of years ago) become kids who have real "conversations". I watch them in disbelief and sheer joy - bonding and getting along so well. They're all such good, loving, warm yet spunky kids with so much creativity and oodles of attitude. I can just picture them all as teenagers lost in intense chat. My only complaint is that they're growing up way too fast!

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