Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 to 2011: Another Incredible Journey

2010 - what a spectacular year! Talinn experienced the most life changing event of his life yet - no I'm not talking about starting preschool but the Lion King show on Broadway in New York and he finished the year zip lining over the tallest forest canopies in Guatemala!It was the year our baby left home turf to go to preschool, where he absorbed his french immersion curriculum without a blink. I still can't believe that it only took him a couple of weepy days to detach from his comfort zone, his home, and his nanny of three years to begin exploring an entirely new territory in an entirely new language. Life opened up to a new world of social adjustments, learning to grapple with emotions, autonomy, dappling in art, french songs, and french pastries. When I look back, even potty training seems like a breeze (I'm sure I felt otherwise at the time).We were so lucky to be able to travel so much with folks we love. Spring break at Disney World where Talinn still remembers meeting his favorite Disney characters, the parades, It's-a-small-world, and of course all the shows. We explored the outdoors - camping and hiking at the very magical Redwood National park and kayaking for the first time. There was hours of beach play in the summer followed by a spectacular Fall in New York.2010 was definitely the year of "performances". Talinn enjoyed being formally announced so he could perform The Circle of Life in front of any willing audience, known or strange. His gab took on new dimensions as he explored new vocabulary. Words like perhaps, recognize, usually, acceptable, fantastic became common parlance as he experimented with new ideas and meanings. He's always loved stories. He loves to hear them and loves even more to tell them. Wizard of Oz, Ramayana, Nutcracker, Ferdinand the Bull, Corduroy, Madeline, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Red Riding Hood rank among his favorite tales this year. He can even mesh them all artfully together during a dress-up performance.Music flows through his veins. He's been exploring all sorts of new stuff, from playing small tunes on the piano to trying his hand at all sorts of instruments. He listens to everything from Tchaikovsky to Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna to La Bamba to Black Eyed Peas to French Nursery rhymes to Usher or Abba. If it's music, he will lend a ear and sing with true abandon.
Happy 2011!!! I wish for my little gypsy another year filled with new adventures. A year when he learns to read so he can discover many many fantastic new worlds. A year filled with love from family and friends. Another year where he takes us along on new enchanting journeys. I'm a gypsy... are you coming with me?

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