Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

All through the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, Talinn sang the "I'm a little turkey" song they teach at school that ends to the effect of "mom will roast you in the oven and we'll eat you up". No surprise then that Talinn was equating Thanksgiving to turkey and totally salivating at the thought of making a meal of it. In reality, anyone who knows our not-such-a-champion eater will know that he wouldn't dream of touching or even trying turkey. So much for incessant drama! Here's a picture of the turkey Talinn made at school.This year, our family celebrations were hosted by Devi atta and Madan mama. The menu was a nice melange of traditional American sides and Indian fillers. The Valluris are great hosts and created a welcoming atmosphere as always.What was truly special this year was how the kids - who are mostly of college going age or older - came together to spend time with the family. For a change, they were in no hurry to cut a quick escape nor in a mood to disappear into their own private corners. Instead they mingled
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freely, engaged their uncles and parents in card and board games, danced with enthusiasm, shared wonderful conversations, and spent quality time with everyone. We are impressed with this new generation of kids who have grown into such lovely, responsible, grounded, and well-rounded adults.

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