Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!!!

Imagine many million fireworks imploding in the sky all at once for more than half an hour. Imagine an obscene carnival of all the fireworks you've ever seen in all your Diwalis put together. Imagine standing in the center of it all, too deaf to hear, exultant beyond words, trying hopelessly and jubilantly to capture every outburst, just drenched in the thrill of starting the New Year with infinite BANGS! Hope the start of your New Year was as mindlessly indescribable as ours. HAPPY 2011!!!After a restful afternoon following the street carnival, we headed back towards the plaza to participate in the biggest outdoor celebration I've ever seen. At first, we went on a wild goose chase searching for a mythical Indian restaurant. But that road seemed to lead nowhere, so we dove into a hip bar/restaurant called Ocelot to toast our evening.And in case you hadn't noticed, we were all possessed by the devil that night as we sunk into the street revelry. All the trees and buildings around the plaza were lit with a magical glow. The central square transformed into a giant dance floor where everyone danced to the tunes of the Marimba band. Unfortunately, they packed up before we could really get into the party mood.The last hour of 2010 was spent on steps of a building around a plaza joking, cuddling, and watching the fire crackers around us in fascination. Very akin to Diwali, most local families had brought their own firecrackers, flower pots, rockets, and sparklers to burn until the zero hour and much after.

And then the implosion cornucopia was all around us as we shouted New Year greetings and ushered in 2011 with gusto. There can be no better way to start the New Year than in the company of those dear to you. The Krishnan family was leaving early next morning so we bid them a tearful goodbye. For someone who could not stand the comparatively innocuous fireworks at Disneyland until a year ago, Talinn has come to appreciate the flames in the sky without a flinch. He was also very brave about the (y)ear shattering noise. New things, New Year, awesome Talinn always! And a very Happy New Year to all!!!

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