Thursday, December 2, 2010


So the most wonderful time of the year has circled around again. No complaints except for the short days, early nightfall, and extreme nippiness. But hot chocolates are no fun without the nippiness, right? So we were pretty excited about both the freezing temperatures and the adorable Christmas festivities in downtown San Jose.Talinn and Anoushka had the merriest time looking at all the decorations and holiday vignettes. The downtown park is full of magical holiday scenes - Santa's elves hard at work making ornaments, wrapping toys, and getting ready for the surprise deliveries. Nutcracker ballet dolls twirl around gracefully and creatures of all sorts assemble in holiday chorus. And the park is filled with many many creatively decorated trees. Throughout most of our holiday walk, the kids could focus on little else but when they could go on all the rides at the fair. While Talinn may have the chops to go on every ride, height restrictions don't always permit and it's sorely disappointing. But the two kids went on every ride they could squeeze in that evening, shouting with infectiously loud glee. Happy happy holidays!

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