Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ode to Autumn

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun
To Autumn John Keats
I have never fallen so deeply in a love with a season before. Yes, I love summer but this year I am completely enchanted by Fall in a way that has transported me back to my literature days and Keats. To Autumn is one of my most favorite poems but I never imagined it would come to life like this.If I say the glaring 80 degree sun in California and the lush green trees appeared tastless after my Fall trip to New York, would you believe me? Yes, this from the eternal sun lover. But there's just something about the ripening, slanting sun in New York at this time of the year that stole my heart. The lilting rays and sometimes the absence of them cast a magic glow on the incredibly hued leaves.And the trees! I can write tomes about the beauty of the leaves changing color. The fresh scent of the woods and crunch of feet crushing the carpet of fallen leaves. The joy of the leaves still glowing on the trees contrasting against the melancholy of their impending fall and the dreaded onset of winter. The crisp, refreshing, fragrant autumn air. But I must stop writing my essay on Fall and tell you about our trip to New York.The greatest highlight and the reason for our visit was to spend time with our dearest Apsara peri and Jay peri. It was wonderful hanging out with the girls and spending so much time with them. Talinn is extremely fond of them and returned with the best memories from his trip.One weekend, we drove upstate New York to Minnewaska State Park to gorge on the fall colors and to tread on some lovely trails. Talinn was thrilled to go on the hike and quickly got busy spotting colored trail markers on trees to ensure that we were headed the right way. He also couldn't stop collecting leaves of different shapes and colors and stashing them away in his stroller. We spent an entire day soaking in the joys of the season.And there's nothing like a tropical Spongebob ice cream to beat the cool of an east coast autumn hike!

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