Thursday, November 18, 2010

New York New York

This photo sums up the sheer awe that New York city inspires. The first time we drove into Manhattan, Apsara peri opened the sky roof of her SUV and Talinn gazed up in wonder at the tall tall buildings that make up one of the greatest cities in the world.Most days we took the ferry from West New York to midtown. Not our every day means of transport at home, so very exciting for all of us. The skyline would take my breath away every single time, day or night.Even more exciting for Talinn was the metro in Manhattan. We took the metro a few times and it was a super fun experience for himWe took Talinn to all the incredible toy stores in Manhattan, including American Girl. The dolls are celebrities here and pampered at hair salons where their hair can be shampooed, braided, and even styled to match yours. The four floors include a doll restaurant and a doll hospital. Talinn was shocked to see the dolls patiently sitting on salon chairs getting their hair done. And just in case you need to bring your doll into the toilet with you, she can be perched on the handy doll holder seen in the photo.We walked around Manhattan a whole lot and stopped at all the hotspots like the New York public library, Rockefeller center, and of course Times Square.We also visited the grand Toyrus store in Times Square, famous for its gigantic ferris wheel ride. The celebrity at this store is this gigantic T-rex who periodically roars with all his might. Talinn was scared initially but then he wanted to go back to it and stare in awe.So here's our Statue of Liberty story. One day I decided to take Talinn to see it, having come to NYC and all I thought he should see the symbol of American hope and freedom. So we took the downtown ferry that bobbed past the statue on its way to downtown. Talinn did not enjoy this closed ferry ride without top deck access and fresh air. He saw the statue from a distance and was not one bit interested in seeing it at closer proximity. I convinced him that it would be fun, only to discover huge lines for the tickets and the ferry that would take us well over half a day. So we just decided to say hello to the Wall Street bull instead and get going. And for some reason, Talinn was way more fascinated by the bull's butt that his horns! (I was thrilled when recently Talinn recognized the statue at someone's house and pointed it out to us)Nana and I wanted to visit the Guggenheim this time but we opted in favor of the American Museum of Natural History. We figured Talinn would enjoy that far more and he did. The animal display halls were his favorite and he loved guessing the names of all kinds of animals from different continents. The dinosaur display here is a treat for any dinosaur lover. Talinn too was pretty thrilled to see the gigantic displays.

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