Friday, November 12, 2010

Harvesting Corn

Just because we're bidding adieu to farming activities in our backyard does not mean that farmer Talinn is now jobless. It's FALL!!! Time to harvest corn and pumpkins and the many joys of this new season.In what has become another annual tradition, we kicked off Fall activities with our corn harvest at Ardenwood farm. I have to confess that it took me a long reluctant while to acknowledge the onset of fall this year. Somehow it felt like we had picked pumpkins just yesterday with Talinn and indulged in a million harvest/Halloween activities. Really? A whole year is up? I just wasn't ready for the pumpkins this year.But then we spent a lovely day at the farm that got us all into the spirit of the season. Check it out!
Boys Hard at Work

Expertly Done - Hold, Twist, and Detassle
This year Talinn got the instructions down cold and followed them very diligently. He was very careful about twisting the corn off and not pulling at them. And he was quite the expert when it came to detassling the corn. Watch for yourself!

Popcorn Cheers
The Loot
Half of the corn we harvested went towards fodder for the cattle at the farm and we got to keep the rest.Apple Cider Pressing - The Good Olde Way
Talking of apple cider, it's really amazing to see how genes transfer. As a child, apple juice was my only favorite juice. I remember my parents stocking lots of Gold Coin bottles for me. A few years later, a new brand called Appela was launched and I remember us buying crates of it. Surprisingly, or not, apple juice is Talinn's only favorite too (and we stock up with Martinelli's). At the farm, he got to see how apple juice is extracted with this old-school cider press. Corn Husk Doll Making
Ammamma and I made two corn husk dolls last year so decided to make one for Talinn this year. He tried to help a bit before losing interest. I finished it up for him but then he would have no doll without eyes. So I had to painstakingly tie two corn husk string knots to create eyes. He was barely impressed and tossed the doll aside within seconds. Oh well!Refreshments After a Hard Day at Work
It was a warm warm day just perfect for some sugar slurping.

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