Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween Celebrations at School

C'est Halloween! Since the kids in nursery class are too young to go on a field trip, a pumpkin patch and petting zoo came to school to recreate the experience for the littlest ones. I volunteered to set up and coordinate the activities with the teachers. Unfortunately because of school's policy and privacy issues, I'm unable to post a lot of the pictures with Talinn and his school friends. Here are a few Talinn only pictures from the day.
Pumpkins were scattered on their recess field and the kids were asked to find one each with the assigned color sticker. After the "pumpkin hunt", the kids were free to climb the hay bales before moving onto other activities.
A petting zoo came to school with the most darling little animals: cutest li'l piggy, rabbits, ducks, hens, and lambs. Talinn was too scared to go inside the enclosure to pet them. Somehow he was convinced that they were going to bite him. Essentially he wanted me to carry him - this is what happens when mom comes to school.The pumpkin hunt was followed by a bootcamp hurdle run where the kids had to crawl through tunnels and jump through hoops. The last activity was pumpkin decoration with paints and stickers. It was a fun day of all play and no work for the nursery class.A couple of days later, the celebrations continued with the Halloween parade and party. I was in-charge of the party decorations. So here's a glimpse of what I did. After set up, I went to class to get Talinn ready for the parade. Here's a picture of him just waking up from his nap. I never get to see him napping or waking up in school, so this was special.
The combination of just waking up from the nap, seeing me there, and having to hustle into a costume right away sent Talinn off into a royally nasty mood. It was nearly impossible to get him into the lion outfit or to convince him to keep the mane hoodie on. He cheered up eventually and had fun at the party.

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