Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ok so I'm rewinding to way back in September. Stop, where are the weeks and months going? The camera's filled with pictures and I have no time to look at them even, let alone upload them anywhere or write this blog. So so behind.Anyway, let's see how best we can play catch up or how quickly. As always Talinn was totally on board with Ganu buddy pooja. Ganapati bappa moriya! His alacrity in reciting the Ganesh sloka at the drop of a hat is so endearing.The boys performed the pooja together like every year. Talinn learned the ropes well from him dad. He was not happy to say goodbye to his Ganu buddy at the end of the week and send him swimming in the water. But it's certainly a lasting memory in his head and he's determined to wait for Ganu buddy to return next year.

1 comment:

kamu said...

Kavita,How do you manage to get such beautiful attractive and new patterned Ganesha.
honestly you do have the discerning eye.!

Talinn is seriously following all the details of the puja.Good for him Lord Ganesha is definitely going to be pleased with all of you.
Great Job.