Tuesday, November 2, 2010

End of Summer at Russian River

We bade adieu to summer with a celebration at Russian river with a group of close friends. This was our third trip to the area this year - guess we must love it up there :-) Our house was magnificent, especially the multiple tiered patios in the back, each overlooking the river.
We spent a very relaxed two days chilling with the kids, canoeing, lazing by the river, attempting to read, eating and drinking, painting, and listening to music. Here are some highlights.
Good MorningMorning Beverages by the River BankCanoes Beckon
Oh the sheer joy of jumping into a kayak in pajamas and rowing around the river impromptu!Kayaking with NanaThe Rowing FamiliesMythical River Creatures - Sea Lions, Cranes, and Ducks
Our sea lion friend lazing on a rock was by far the favorite of our trip. Imagine kayaking in your pajamas and wishing a sea lion good morning in his natural habitat - this up, close, and personal. Can life get any better?
Bummin' OutThe ArtistsAnd the dancers of course!
The ViewsAnd that sums up a very amazing time... many memories and endless laughter that was not captured on camera but will be talked about for a long time.

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