Friday, November 19, 2010


All this talk of Halloween and costumes reminded me that Talinn is a boy of many disguises! He needs no Halloween to play different characters. He's big into playing dress up every day and we totally encourage him to try on different hats (no pun intended). He's often very creative with his costumes, mixing and matching stuff all by himself - like this parrot wizard on a hobby horse! Here's a sample
This is an exclusively father-son hobby. The boys practice and put up many many puppet shows for lucky me. Here's one...

Doctor Who?
Dr. Talinn is very thorough in his examination and treatments. Watch!
Hello Sir! What brings you here today?
Checking your ears to rule out infections
And your blood pressure looks pretty normal
Let's check your temperature
This is injection will cure all problems
All fixed up and good to go now
Fire Fighter
Remember all the aag hi aag training he's received at the local fire department? Well 3 years of training have shaped Talinn into a brave and resourceful fire captain. The big secret (only between you and me) is that he's very afraid of fire :-)
Mom's Nightgown Will Do Just Fine
Here's comes the marching band leader.

Lion - Halloween Costume TrialsThis is probably the last year Talinn will get into an animal costume for Halloween. He still hasn't gotten into any of the action heroes - Superman, Spiderman, Batman type stuff. Almost 5 or 6 boys in his class were dressed as Batman this year. He loves pirates though and was blown away by his first Halloween baby pictures dressed as a pirate. He couldn't get over it. Let's see what other charades he'll get into this year.

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kamu said...

Talinn! You have so many job options,
A theatre performer,an artist (painter) a gardener or horticulturist with such green fingers,a singer, Puppeteer,A dancer,A greater talker,(high on Soft skills) Over and above all the regular other streams.! my my I am running out of words.TALINN TUSSI GREAT HO!!!!