Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Varalakshmi Pooja

The best thing about the pooja this year was Talinn's enthusiasm. The first thought in his head was the garb. He insisted on wearing Indian clothes even for the set up. And he wouldn't budge a step further before wearing a bindi. Here he is helping his Nana fetch all the pooja stuff.He helped out every step of the way with the decorations. The rangoli was his favorite. Nainamma's templates and colored powder were a huge hit. They're simple to do for a kid and the results are such a thrill. On pooja morning, Talinn went straight to his closet to don his 'Indian clothes'. Surprisingly enough, he sat through most of the pooja and participated with enthusiasm. His other favorite part of any pooja is getting to eat bits from a freshly broken coconut. Yes, those cravings comes straight from his Malayali genes.Later in the evening, Talinn did aarti with his friends and family.

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