Wednesday, September 29, 2010


A couple of weekends ago we accompanied the proud Valluri family on their trip to drop off Tanya akka at UCSB. Nathan anna rode with us on our way to Santa Maria where we halted overnight before heading to Santa Barbara the following day. Talinn had some sage advise for his cousin Tanya: "Don't cry when you go to school. Crying does not make things better. Even I go to school. School is fun. Your Nanu will drop you off in the morning and mommy will pick you up." Precious words that flowed out of him unsolicited. Earlier, we had told him that Tanya akka was going away to college for the first time and he figured he could share from him own vast life experience in these matters. I'm bottling up this incident for the time when Talinn goes away to college. No he won't be needing his own advice but I will.We were all very proud to check out UCSB. The whole spirit of freshmen entering college was so infectious that we all wanted to be back in school. Madan mama gave us a tour of the campus after which we checked Tanya in and got the keys to her dorm. What ensued thereafter I put in Nana's words, eight crazy family members ripped apart the room furniture in an effort to design the most optimum configuration. The bed was hoisted up within seconds to make a top level bunk with a study area in the bottom. I'm sure we all overwhelmed poor Tanya.
To top it all, the kids were at their monkey best climbing on the bunks and beds, screaming and running along the corridor, and just sharing their general energy and enthusiasm. All said, Tanya was unpacked and settled in under 2 hours. It was a great experience for Talinn and Nathan anna to see off an older cousin and take in the college spirit. For us recent parents, it gave us fodder to dream about colleges for our own kids. Exciting... but I'm not ready to get there any time soon.Here's Madan mama - who was dubbed as "big daddy" by Talinn - showing him how to throw trash down the chute.

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