Wednesday, September 29, 2010


On the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, the three of us made a day trip to Sonoma. It was a beautiful day to be out with some good cheese and wine. Our first stop was Cornerstone Sonoma - a collection of boutique stores, art galleries, and a grouping of designer gardens.The designer gardens are patches of land showcasing innovative ideas of architects and designers. Artistic freedom brings many creative surprises and treats for the senses. It's a unique experience to walk through these installations. And it's fun with the kids, because they can run, climb, explore different elements in every patch.The gigantic blue chair was a family favorite. We all shared a chair and gazed out at the lush vineyards across with a million silver foil bird detractors sparkling like a sea of stars. Talinn loved running through all the gardens and exploring all the quirky elements.While Talinn rounded off the afternoon with a nap, Nana and I visited our favorite cheese shop downtown, bought some wine, and made ourselves a picnic in the park. What a lovely way to relax and spend some precious time together.

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