Thursday, September 2, 2010

Russian River Camping

After last day of summer school, we headed out for one last camping trip for the season. The roads have constantly led us North this year. We made our way up to the Russian River region where the campsite we booked initially turned out to be a big disappointment. It was no easy feat trying to find last minute camping grounds for 30 people but we got lucky at a local KOA and enjoyed a lovely weekend.Camp Set Up!
It was a joint effort all the way and it's so wonderful to see how all the kids have begun helping out with enthusiasm. Thanks to our large party, the position of the lone tree, the extreme sum, and intense calculations on where the sun's rays would target us all day, we decided to huddle all 9 tents close together.
And so we all settled in and felt thrilled about everything except for the extra bright night light that invaded campfire atmosphere and pounded into our tents.Camp Entertainment
Next morning, all the kids were happy to explore their surroundings, learn how to burn leaves using a magnifying glass against the sun, play musical chairs, and build an elaborate "lake".Never a dull moment at the campsite, Nana surprised us with this cool "bike". Everyone took turns riding it up the mini hill next to our site and hurtling down the hill at break neck speed. Everyone including Talinn and all the kids.Camp Cuisine
What happens on lazy afternoons when you have too much time on your hands? The chef brigade brings on their best game to create a stunning sandwich table display. Yes we take our food seriously, kitchen or no kitchen!The Lake
We were hoping to spend a lazy afternoon by the river but ended up at a lakeside public beach considered safe for swimming with kids. Everyone had a wonderful time soaking in the cool cool waters under the hot hot sun. The adults happily indulged in splashing matches while the little ones got really comfortable in the water.On the way back to camp from the lake, we stopped at a vineyard that was laden with grapes, just to show Talinn how they grow. He was mighty thrilled but the grapes were too sour and not quite ready for harvest.It was just such a fun trip with the gang. Until next summer then!

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