Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of Nursery School!

Talinn started full day Nursery school on Aug 26. How can we not feel proud of way he's handled all the big changes in his life? There was no crying! And just for that, we're thankful beyond belief. We were way more emotional about our baby leaving home than he was. As I was saying to a friend the other day, whether your child will cry or love school is so not in your control. No amount of prep can guarantee or predict their mood or behavior. You just have to thank the powers that be when things work out fine and count your blessings. Concerns two and three were a breeze too - he's been finishing most of his lunch and napping without problems. And zero potty accidents. Many many gold stars to you darling Talinn!Almost three weeks into school, things are great. Talinn looks forward to school even after long weekends. We're assuming he has a good time there, although getting any information out of him about his day is like squeezing out that last bit of toothpaste. As for us, the school has kept us parents plenty busy with "mandatory" orientations, back to school nights, new parent mentor nights, a billion emails, newsletters and what not. The school community spirit is tremendous and should make up for what we're missing by not being part of a neighborhood school.So Talinn had a lice check at school during his first week. On our way back from school that day I asked him how it went for which he replied, "No mommy it was not a lice check, we got a head massage and it was very relaxing." I turned around to check if he had really said and meant "relaxing". Yes he did. On day two, when I went to fetch him from school, the kids were playing in the sand pit. He saw me from afar, waved to me, and continued playing. A far cry already from the baby who couldn't wait to rush into my arms at the end of school. I can safely declare that all is well!

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