Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Finally, after I'd given up hopes of ever visiting Half Moon Bay this summer, a blazing hot spell came our way. It was a couple of days before Talinn's first day of school. I said forget work, let's hit the ocean. So Mona maasi and I piled up the three boys in our truck and made an amazing day out of it.The boys all get along really well. Talinn enjoys playing with gentle Yashi and thinks Amay baby is the cutest thing ever. The other day at Target, Talinn requested that I get him a baby of his own. I asked him (for kicks) if he knew where and how we could get a baby. He said "right here in Target mommy." I said, "a real baby? I haven't seen any being sold here." To which he replied that they'd be adding them to the new shelves very soon. He'll just have to wait for them to do that I guess!Anyway, back to the beach. It was a gorgeous afternoon with some beautiful waves. I tuned out all the crowds and finished my book. Talinn played in the sand and found so many treasures from the ocean to invent stories with. Wish we could have stayed on to barbecue our dinner there and enjoy the sunset but I'm happy we got an entire afternoon.

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