Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Arts and Wonder Weekend in SFO

I love Target. I mean the store. Talinn loves it too and totally enjoys shopping there. His favorite request is to buy a personal mini pizza from the Pizza Hut in there. We've had many fun dates at the table by the window. But we fell even more in love with Target as a company during the Target Arts and Wonder Weekend in San Francisco a few weeks ago.
Target sponsored free entrance to several museums along with a multitude of hands-on arts and crafts events for kids at each museum. They transformed the erstwhile "boring" image of a museum into something totally cool, hip and inviting for the kids (and adults). Thank you Target!
Check out this magnificent addition to San Francisco. Right outside the Asian Arts Museum, this statue almost dwarfs the city hall in proportion and beauty. Unbelievable.After gawking at the gargantuan statue, we walked across to the lovely Asian Art museum to spend our Saturday in there. I've been wanting to see the Shanghai exhibit for a long time, so this was the perfect occasion to fulfill a personal mission. The exhibit is a nostalgic dip into the dynamic evolution of Shanghai during the past century from its French Concession days to the Cultural Revolution to the Communist era of the workers. Traditional brush stroke paintings, revolutionary posters, fashions - cheongsams (dresses) from the 60s, Shanghai deco furniture and stories depicting the life and times of the city all weave a captivating tale.
Where there is Shiva, there is Nandi (his vehicle). So little wonder then that Talinn's craft project at the museum that morning was to paint Nandi the bull. He was thrilled because during all his temple visits, he has always paid special attention to this bovine. So the Shivas in our house each painted their bulls.

Onto Korean drums next. Talinn loved the drum demonstration but the opportunity to bang on them with his own hands was priceless.
We also got goofy pictures at the photo booth and made this magnet with our picture (that I've attached to my clutch in the photo). We even toured the Indian exhibit where Talinn was thrilled to see statues of Ganu buddy, Shivas, and Buddhas, and felt compelled to chant my Buddhist prayers. It was an amazingly fun day.Inspired by our Saturday, we returned to the city to scour more museums on Sunday. First stop was the MoMa where Talinn made a gigantic pinwheel and pencil and Nanu made a special bug. Visitors to MoMa also shaped up the painting on top with their finger prints. We walked across the Yerba Buena gardens where the stage was hopping with Samba dancers and drummers.
The crowds at the Zeum were too daunting, so we all rode the Zeum carousel (for the first time in all these years) instead and decided to pass on the museum. The entire downtown museum district was so abuzz with families and music and giant pinwheels everyone had made at the MoMa. The weather was perfect too and it felt wonderful to be in midst of all the festivities.On our way back we stopped by the Jewish Contemporary Museum which is running a whimsical exhibit on Maira Kalman and how she finds art in the every day objects. I could have spent a lot more time here if it wasn't for antsy pants Talinn. We also took a peek at the Torah and an exhibit on Jewish traditions before calling it a fabulous museumed-out-weekend!

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kamu said...

I always liked TARGET store.
Now after reading Talinns blog my afinity to the store has doubled.
what a wonderful idea to sponser the ARts and Crafts fair and the Museums.
Their earnestness towards Corporate Social responsibility is laudable.
My next visit it is going to Shopping big time at Target.