Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cousins at Raging Waters

Saturday morning. Nathan anna and Talinn were making the most of their time together at home when we decided to take them out somewhere. "Are we going to Raging Waters?" volunteered Nathan anna. Nana had been dreaming about going to a water park since the beginning of summer. Decision sealed.A quick breakfast later, we all changed into swim gear and headed out to enjoy a hot day in San Jose. The boys had a blast. While Nana and Nathan anna boldly tried out some of the fancier, bigger water slides, Talinn and I stuck to the kiddie ones. There's plenty to do with toddlers as well. The whole point is to stay wet and in the water the whole day - size of slide does not matter!Nathan anna was quite the dare devil, fearlessly splashing from the highest slides. He was like a fish in water. Check out how strong he is as he expertly swings this monkey obstacle course!

Toward the afternoon, Talinn got really comfortable in the water. His life jacket helped him float around as he totally enjoyed kicking around and diving in the water. Our most favorite activity of all was the lazy river. What can be better than floating and swimming around a lazy river on a hot afternoon?

Only the ice cocktails were missing. We did several rounds around the river and Talinn even managed to get some shuteye during his lazy ride. Deliciously perfect!


kamu said...

Kavita How on earth do you locate such exotic places to have fun.Amazing.
the water area is fantastic.
The boys seem to have had a blast.
Wonderful pictures.

Kavita and Nagesh said...

I had nothing to do with this one :-) Nathan and Nagesh picked the place. It's a very popular local summer destination, especially for the kids.