Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

Bonjour! Lights, camera, action! was theme of Talinn's summer camp weeks #3 and #4. It was all about the movies. For their weekly show, a film director came to school dressed as a big fat chicken and then shed his layers to reveal that he was really a thin man (of course I did not witness any of this, it's what I pieced together from hearsay and from what Talinn reported). He talked about costumes, movies and cool stuff that T really enjoyed along with the popcorn.
Bastille Day or Fete Nationale was celebrated on July 14. Since this French holiday usually occurs during Tour de France (and winning the race that day is a big deal in France), the school celebrated with bring-your-bike-to-school day. Talinn took his "baby" tricycle (because he still could not ride his "big boy" bike then. But two weeks is a long time in the life of a kid and things have changed. But more on that later.) Biking in school was a big hit and the kids went home with balloons and noise makers.At the end of the two weeks, there was a mini-show where the kids got to show off the songs they had learned that week to their parents. Here are the pictures and videos of Talinn's first ever public performance.

Huddle Time: Ready? asks teacher SandrineHere are your baskets...And here are your capsWe are ready to sing!
(I wanted to insert their video here but it just won't upload tonight. So I will try again later. Watch this space again.)

The crafts this fortnight were themed around movies. The kids also painted a giant Mickey as a group painting project. Here's Talinn showing off his art work to mom and Nanu on the last day of week 4.
Then the kids got to enjoy their morning snacks at their mini party.
Au revoir! A la prochaine!

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