Monday, July 26, 2010

Hiking Fern Canyon

The Fern Canyon hike in Redwood National Park is just breathtaking. It is the unimaginable hidden wonder chosen by Spielberg for Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World. It exists right here... for real. Getting there is no less of a thrill than the movie itself. A very narrow, treacherously windy, unpaved dirt road leads you up to the entrance. Along the way you pass lush rainforest-y locales, followed by river-like streams that your vehicle has to swim across, followed by extremely dry and dusty rubble roads that end in a parking lot. No kidding.

Once on the hike, Talinn was beyond thrilled. Throughout the trail courses a magical stream carving through the canyon. The vertical walls are lusciously dressed in many varieties of ferns (including the signature five-fingered fern) and mosses. A constant "shower" of water trickles down the canyon walls here and there illuminated by the slanted rays of the sun. Tree stumps lie in all sorts of angles creating a choreographed pathway. It looks like a movie set, deliberately decorated in this manner.We had the greatest time "navigating" the waters and pebbles to urge onward, stopping at every step to gush at this marvel of nature. Below are pictures of a monkey flower we found along the way and the signature five fingered ferns.Talinn forged on without trepidation, thoroughly enjoying this "playground" with all this water and so many trees trunks to climb. It was just magical!
Here's another video from our incredible hike.

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kamu said...

why did Mani Ratnam not shoot Raavan movie here .
the scenic beauty is breathtaking.
Out of the world.
Untouched by man.
Tallinn is so comfortable and at ease without a fear or worry about the foliageThis is one memorable Camping trip.Athaya or the woods or the water.