Monday, July 19, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Talinn celebrated his special "dude" on Father's Day with this special wake-up surprise balloon. But before Nanu could open his eyes and even read the message on it, Talinn ran outside and let it go. Happy Father's Day to all dads out there, I guess :-) (Am I glad I took this picture!)It's not easy to thank a Nana who dotes on him so very much and loves him beyond measure. Nana and Talinn share their own special set of jokes, all of which relate to drinking pee-pee and eating poo-poo. I just recently learned about this because Talinn never makes any of those dirty jokes with me. So it must be a guy thing (and I'm totally happy about that). The boys also enjoy creating puppet theater shows together, running errands at the Home Depot, hammering things together and tearing them apart, watering plants, filling up the bird feeder, watching favorite animation movies, gardening, exchanging stories, practicing drums, cleaning the garage, listening to music, playing sports in the backyard, or just plain having an argument (yes already!)Nana pushes Talinn just a bit further with everything, be it encouraging him to climb the entire rope maze at the park without help, pushing him during swim lessons, teaching him to paint, or helping him overcome any hesitation or fear of the new and unknown (I have to admit that I tend to be far more protective). I would not send T off to sail the world by himself at 16, Nana would.But Nana would first make sure that Talinn is fully equipped to sail around the world and be there for him, rock solid every step of the way. Talinn is a lucky son and loves his Nanu very very much.

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