Friday, July 9, 2010

Chef Special: Birthday Party

No celebrations can be complete without a grand party with friends. This year Talinn's birthday party theme was cooking and all his little chef friends gathered to make drinks, sandwiches, and desserts. Want to see how they did? Fabulous! Look on.
The Decor
The Gear
Here are the chefs in their aprons and hat, consulting about the menu. What shall we make today?
Ice Slushies
What a fun idea for the hot hot day it turned out to be. The chefs cranked out their own crushed ice and tinted them with multi-flavored and multi-colored syrups. The verdict was pretty unanimous that they loved their concoctions and wanted to hang on to them for a long long time.Inspired Sandwiches
Cookie cutters and bread translates to creative sandwiches. The kids made some pretty neat looking lunch. They would have decorated their sandwiches more if they hadn't found out that they had to eat what they made. Most safely stuck to cheese! Designer Cupcakes
Our chefs used their imaginations to frost and sprinkle cupcakes and make them magical.Why bother with cupcakes? It's way more fun to spray the icing directly into the mouth...
We baked regular cupcakes as well as cupcakes in ice cream cones (for whimsy) for the kids to decorate. One of my most exciting memories from the day is when Nathan anna, after much deliberation, asked me right before getting into his car that night how I'd managed to fit a cupcake inside an ice cream cone.
The Birthday Cake
This year Talinn and I went to the bakery together to choose his birthday cake. He picked the Ice Age cake with some of his favorite animal characters.The Outtakes
What do exhausted chefs do when they need to take a break from hard core cooking? Take a buggy ride. Or if you're really dedicated, then you read how to make the best cookie, or try your hand at some pretend cooking, or bond with the babies in the house (if I haven't mentioned this before, then let me tell you that Talinn is crazy about little babies. He wishes he could have one of his own but he is just thrilled to spend any spare time playing with those around).What the adults were up to while their little chefs were busy...
Thanks to nana, chinna atta, pedi, and all girlfriends for helping out with all the cooking shenanigans and keeping everything organized and on track while we were scurrying around. Later the adults got some down time as well (we hope)!
And that's not all. Read on for the action-packed part II of the birthday spectacular!

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