Monday, June 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend: Bodega Bay

Ready for the road trip

For all those tuning in wondering how T did after the weekend on Monday morning, there's good news. He was just fine. He is so brave it's heart melting. He keeps reminding himself aloud that he is going to be a brave boy and is not going to cry. Repeating his own words gives him the courage and resolve. You can see him making the effort and it's so touching. I love him so much!
Front yard at the Bodega Bay house overlooking the Ocean

He was also mighty happy when I picked him up from school and his clothes were black (with playing outdoors). He seemed to have enjoyed school and also reported that another girl in class had cried that morning. I told him to be supportive of her and to reassure her that her mom would be back soon just like his. He agreed to do so. If he's ready to play the supportive role, it may be safe to assume that he's out of the woods himself? *fingers crossed*
Patios at the Bodega Bay house

Now that life is a bit more stable, I'm going to try and bring you up to speed with our very busy life these past few weeks. We spent the last long weekend in May up the California coast in Bodega Bay. For Talinn, the highlights of the trip were spending so much time with his favorite Nathan anna, the rest of the family, and the hot tub in our house up there.
Frolicking at the beach

Nathan anna had a sleepover with Talinn the night before we left for our trip. Big brothers are a great influence. Chores that normally require enormous persuasion from parents, such as eating or brushing teeth, were accomplished independently because big brother was doing it all. The road trip was only double the fun with Nathan anna and Annu maasi in the car. No lack of entertainment at all.We made our way through the Russian river area dreaming about owning a home by the lazy river one day. Talinn napped. Annu maasi, Nathan anna, and I went around the Korbel Champagne cellars and brought back a picnic lunch, with Champagne of course. Then we made our way to Bodega Bay.The house blew us away. Perched right on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it was simply breathtaking in architecture and location. The beach was across the street and down a few steps. Could life get any better? We threw our stuff at home, changed into water friendly garb, and rushed across the street to enjoy the beach in the evening.Of course, the beaches in Northern CA are nippy as hell. Dip your toe and you may get a frost bite. But do the kids care? Nope. Cold or warm, they were having a splashing good time running across the beach. Pebbles, not soft sand, make up this beach. But that turned out to be tons of fun since we all got busy finding the prettiest stones in unimaginable natural colors and shapes.
What do you do when you return from a cold cold trip to the beach. You hop into your outdoor hot tub to warm off. This was hands down the most favorite part of the trip for the kids. They love water and what better than a hot water soak out in the open. They were absolutely soaking this in.Then the boys warmed up some more wrapped in blankets on the patio followed by some ocean-front dining and chilling with games, music, and wine for the adults.We were all enjoying a lovely ocean view sunset when Chinna atta and Naresh mama arrived to join us for the weekend. Let the party begin!

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