Thursday, May 6, 2010

Special Trip Memories

The time that Anoushka and Talinn spent together and with all of us made for some truly special moments. Most memorable of these were all the times the kids spent with each other outside the parks. Whether it was at the resort - painting, crafting, and watching cartoons. Or making a mad mad dash for the elevator buttons or the room door with the card key. Or singing on top of their lungs in the shuttle bus with the adults trying to hush them down. Or poring intently over the maps, trying to plan their next day at the park. Or pretending to be Minnie and Mickey and playing "knock-knock" umpteen times and giving us all countless apple pies.
Or, after a 12 hour day at the parks, still having the energy to dance and twist in the parking lot while waiting for the shuttle back home. So happy we all traveled together and that the kids had such a swell time.

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