Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garden Tales: Saga of the Bird Feeder

Did I mention that we got a bird feeder this year? Nana and I thought it would be great for Talinn to fill it up with seeds and watch the birds pecking away. Well it was great. For Talinn, the birds... and the squirrels. Let's talk about Talinn first. It became his hobby to fill the feeder and hang it wherever he felt like and check whether the birdies were getting their nutrition in a timely manner. He was thrilled. The birds, as you can see were delighted and quite content to be pecking away. We were so happy about our spring visitors when who else should visit? The fat and greedy squirrels. Talinn's loved them too until they broke bird feeder #1 into bits.Undeterred, we bought bird feeder #2 and decided to hang it on this stand, so the squirrels would have no way of getting to it. All was going well, until one day, the stand stood empty and the bird feeder was nowhere to be found. Tired of slow gratification, the clever squirrels had made away with the entire loot in one swoop. Enough to last them for the rest of the season. And so, bird feeder #2 was history as well.We were horrified but more determined than before. Bird feeder #3 is a new model, screwed on so tightly to the fence that the squirrel can steal it no more. Talinn loves to fill it often and we all love to gaze out of the bedroom window willing to be surprised by new visitors every day. All creatures are being fed and our backyard is quite popular!

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