Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ugadi Fun

We always celebrate Ugadi or the Telugu New Year with treats thanks to Pammi pedi. This year was no different. Thank you Nainamma for this adorable outfit. Talinn is still wearing Indian clothes sans complaints, although there was slight squirming at the "pokeyness" of the kurta this time. I'm really not sure why they make the shoulders so tight. It's such a struggle for the kids to get in and out that it's no wonder that they soon dread the Indian outfits.
When Talinn sees me wearing anything Indian, he'll ask "mommy why are you wearing a sari?" All Indian flowing garb qualifies as a sari, hence he insists on calling his dupatta a sari as well. And he really wanted to wear a bindi just like Shanti from Jungle Book. I readily indulged my boy. No telling how long this "dress up" fascination will last, so cash in.
We were greeted with a delicious feast at Pedi's house. Talinn slurped up two bowls of rice and curry, a couple of rotis, and countless mandarin oranges.
The kids had the most wonderful time playing baseball and other fun games in the backyard... all dressed in their Indian finery. So cute!

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