Thursday, April 1, 2010

Turtles and Penguins and Catfish

One Saturday morning Talinn woke up and said he wanted to see turtles, seals, and penguins. He does have the strangest requests. But we've discovered that a lot of those ideas stem from the stories he reads and what the characters in the books do. Like the other day he wanted to sit on top of the car after which he wanted someone to bring him a hammer. Why? Because in the book Pig Pig the little pig tries to fix cars with a hammer in hand.So we headed to the Cal Academy. We've had membership there for a year and have enjoyed our trip every time. There are so many different areas to visit, from the humid butterfly filled rainforest to the large aquarium to the wildlife exhibits.Per Talinn's request we first checked off all the creatures he wanted to see, except for the seal. There aren't any at the Cal Academy. Then off we headed to Talinn's favorite play area - the young explorers cove. Talinn loves the kitchen inside the ship and can play in there for hours (despite no lack of kitchens at home). He's always ready to whip up yummy treats. There's also a cute reading nook and puzzle area in here. As always, it was a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon.And this time we also finally made our way to the rooftop garden and enjoyed the views of de Young museum across the quadrangle.

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