Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gardening Journal: Part 2

Where are the pictures from our vacation in Orlando? There's only about a thousand that I need to sort through and pare down to post on the blog. We were so exhausted after our trip that we soaked in the much needed relaxation this weekend by working on the garden together as a family. As Nana commented, "gardening is so relaxing, isn't it?". It sure is and Talinn absolutely loves it.Our goal is not really to grow a bountiful organic summer harvest, although I can't deny that it would be wonderful. It's more about giving T an opportunity to see how plants grow and how they produce fruits and vegetables.My childhood home had a gorgeous backyard lovingly tended by my grandfather. I loved to play his assistant - digging, watering, and - my favorite - harvesting crops of carrots, radishes, eggplants, onions, and tomatoes. I remember acting much like Talinn and insisting on pulling out all those 'root' vegetables myself. Dare anyone else harvest anything but me. And two sets of doting parents and grandparents would lovingly watch me nudge out the carrots and radishes whole without breaking them. I can just hear Nana say "he's a brat - just like you!"While the resemblance to mom is natural, Talinn also needs to have some of that produce experience, so we try. And we discover that digging in the mud, license to get dirty, and playing with water (in the pretext of watering all the plants) is a huge hit with our toddler. Also we unearthed lots of bugs like a banana slug, ladybugs, snails, and other creepy crawlies. Talinn was prompt about dropping them into his bug box (which I emptied later when he wasn't looking).So this spring, gardener Talinn has just finished planting a small patch of tomatoes, strawberries, and scattering seeds to grow squash and peppers. Stay tuned for further activities and produce results this summer.

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kamu said...

hello Gardener,

I wish you all the luck to have green fingers.

and your crop of Tomatoes and Juicy Strawberries is bountiful

whatever said you are a great Tatt ka Aadmi well turned out GARDENER.ammama